OHPSI Program

The Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (“CSIO”) created the OHPSI program to provide leadership, coaching support, training and competition expenses, sport science services, equipment and technology and facility access to targeted athletes.

The OHPSI has the following specific objectives:

·         Provide high performance sport leadership in Ontario;

·         Create an optimal Daily Training Environment (“DTE”) for Ontario athletes, where they are able to access high performance sport programs, technical experts (full-time coaches and sport science/medicine professionals), and services that enable Ontario athletes to train and achieve international podium performances;

·         Create and retain full-time coaching positions and provide integrated coach professional development opportunities,

·         Provide sport science/sport medicine support to ensure that a holistic approach is integral to developing Ontario athletes; and

·         Create integrated (vertical and horizontal) high performance athlete development pathways in, and between, Ontario’s and Canada’s High Performance sport systems.  In particular, developing strong relationships between PSO’s and NSO’s to ensure an integrated athlete/coach development system is in place in Ontario


The program will provide financial and program assistance to Ontario HPAD athletes for international competition and support in the DTE.  HPAD athletes are defined as those athletes who fall within the eligible age range and percentage of GMT outlined in Canoe Kayak Canada’s (“CKC”) Sprint Athlete Pathway (see Appendix B), i.e. eligible to compete at the U23 World Championships and 4-8% of GMT.  Each year, the CSIO allocates a specific amount of OHPSI financial support to PSO’s following a successful OHPSI application and evaluation process.  OCSRA does not know the amount of OHPSI contribution, nor type of support until the completion of the annual evaluation process.